Sunday, July 17, 2011

Treat Them (to) High Hat

One of the biggest satisfactions I've had after moving to New Orleans is watching the revival of Freret Street, the Uptown shopping district damaged by urban decline and Katrina's waters. I can confirm the new High Hat, Adolfo Garcia's tasty new cafe confirms the trend and is, itself, a real cause for celebration.
I dined with a crowd there this weekend, and was quite impressed. We feasted on delish pork po boys (just big enough), fresh fried catfish and a double fried donut that reset the table's taste buds. I'd come back for the Cuban sandwich and the greens. I hear great things about both. My hat's off to Adolfo's -- his new and neighborhood cafe is off to a promising start.

High Hat Cafe: 4500 Freret; (504) 754-1336; Reviews

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